Aug 09, 2022

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Designer Spotlight

Designer Spotlight: Annika Inez

The New York-based, Scandinavian designer on functionality, design–and taking inspiration from vintage cars and opera houses

We love Annika Inez – the collection and the woman.

She blends Scandinavian design with a Brooklyn style in a way that we just can’t get enough of, as a quick look at what the At Present team is wearing right now reveals.

Born in Sweden to fashion entrepreneurial parents, Annika came to New York to study furniture and interior design at Parsons.

“I’ve always been interested in spaces,” she says. “But I realized quickly that I didn’t want to be in [interior design]. I had a really hard time having other people have a say in how you complete a project.” 

For Annika, jewelry is the bridge between art and fashion.

“It can be sculpture. It’s personal style,” she says.

When it comes to inspiration, Annika takes cues from more than traditional sculpture and jewelry.

“Oftentimes, it’s more apparent when you’re done with a production where the inspiration came from,” she explains. “When I look back at music I’ve been listening to, or cars I’ve been photographing in my neighborhood… It’s a feeling of pieces that can be a combination of a few inspirational images, a piece of furniture, or often something that’s linked to something vintage. 

“Right now I have a picture of the entrance of an opera house,” she continues. “I love the way that it’s sculpted. Or there’s this piece of convertible furniture by an interior designer from the 70s which is a series of pillows that can be put together as a flat box but can also be changed around and becomes very sculptural.

The combination of Scandinavian minimalism and New York energy reflect the duality of Annika’s life.

“I’m always interested in the juxtaposition of those elements–the super simplicity of Scandinavia and the chaos of New York.”

“I’m always interested in the juxtaposition of those elements–the super simplicity of Scandinavia and the chaos of New York.”

Through a mix of functional design like the Ample Clasp Necklace and more conceptual pieces like her Voluptuous Hearts, this juxtaposition of her two hometowns is effortlessly translated into wearable, cool statement pieces. 

“I love making pieces that can be part of your every day, but always have a little bit of something to them,” Annika explains. 

Her Ample Hoops, , for instance, have very particular post placement, and curve precisely so that they fit around the lobe. Her Ample pieces also feature closures that are a focal point of their design, while her hearts take a classic, often over-commercialized, symbol of love and reconfigure it into a modern, organic shape that is highly wearable.

So what’s next for the designer? 

She’s continuing to work on her Ample collection, thinking about chains, and perhaps a brooch. She’s also working on a ceramics project that serves both as a ring holder and a piece of art in its own right–a natural extension of her design-meets-function philosophy and style.

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