Oct 21, 2021

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Necklace Stacking 101

A Starter Guide to a Neck Stack That Doesn’t Get Tangled. From chunky chains to dainty diamonds, here’s our guide to neck stacking.

“How do I know what length necklace to choose?” “What’s a curb chain?” 

If these are the types of burning questions you’ve been asking yourself, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re a necklace noobie or you’ve been collecting for quite some time, there are some foundational staples that are essential to any necklace wardrobe.

Straight From The Top:

First up, a choker or pendant that hugs your neck. The chain style to this piece is typically lightweight, and runs 13” to 16” depending on your neck size. Pro tip: Take out that tape measure so you know exactly what size you are. When it comes to choosing a chain style, something lightweight such as a cable chain, light figaro or small rolo chain works best for the shortest necklace in your stack.

Chain style: something lightweight like a cable chain, light figaro, or small rolo chain 

Charmed, I’m Sure

Next, a chain for charms. Now before you give us that look that says, “charms? Really?” Hear us out: regardless of your personal style, there are so many different types of charms out there that will add a unique twist to your neck stack. But first, you need a strong, dependable chain to use as the base. We suggest a length that is longer for this–anything over 20”. Make sure it has enough substance so it works with the scale of your chosen charms

Choosing Charms

Back to the charms themselves. Use this opportunity to introduce color, texture, and personality into your stack–or maybe even something with a deeper meaning than what meets the eyes. Some ideas include juicy stones, playful objects or animals, vintage finds, and even mixed metals. A charm holder can play a useful role here too for a look that’s completely your own.

Weigh Your Options

A more subtle way to add intrigue to your stack is with a piece that provides contract to other pieces in your collection. Use this as an opportunity to play with necklace weight (i.e., if you love delicate pieces, try something a bit heavier like a paperclip chain). This will also help with the tangling issue: choosing pieces that are different chain weights and lengths helps keep your necklaces from those dreaded knots. Chain styles that work well for this piece include mariner link, curb, heavy figaro, wheat, long oval link and paper clip that’s 18-20”. And don’t be afraid to choose chains with glints of diamonds or colored stones embedded into the chain. We love this look when paired with pendants.

Chain style: mariner link, curb, heavy figaro, wheat, long oval link or paper clip chain

Go Long:

Incorporate a long piece (28” to 34”). These pieces complete your neck stack for a high-impact vibe, and also work on their own. At the longer end of the spectrum, these styles can also be doubled for another look, making them a versatile addition to your collection. 

Chain style: herringbone, bib necklace, lariat, y-necklace, omega
Bonus: Add-ons like charms, lockets, engraveable keepsakes, hooks, swivels…all those little extras are ideal pieces to enhance your look. This is like the next level above necessary necklace basics, but we’ll get into these next time.

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