Aug 09, 2022

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Ring it On: Rings 101

How to stack your hands like a pro

While we’re all about an ear stack, paperclip necklace, or tennis bracelet, we could make the case that the real MVP of your jewelry box is the ring. We know, we know, it’s a bold statement to make. But when you think about it, whether you’re on your phone, laptop, or baking banana bread, you’re looking at your hands–and whatever garnishes them–more often than not.

But curating everyday and special occasion lineups for your hands is (at times) a lot more complicated than choosing five golden rings (although honestly that’s not a bad place to start). Welcome to Rings 101.

Back to Basics

If you’re just starting your ring collection, you can’t go wrong with gold staples, like Campbell + Charlotte’s The Crew Stacking Ring, or a daintier version like this 1mm band by Fail Jewelry. Gold bands of different widths and styles are the perfect base for any ring lineup.

Add Texture

Next, add some texture, like Charlotte Alison’s Petite Eternity Band in Seed Pearl. Stack with similar sized gold rings, or more than one of the same style. Selin Kent’s Coil Ring is another way to add texture; wear it alone for a substantial yet minimalist look.

The Dome-Main

Once you have your basics down, experiment with bolder styles, either on their own, or incorporated into your everyday stack. Stacy Nolan’s Arc Ring with White Enamel is subtle and stackable, while the Dome Ring XL Sterling Silver by the same designer makes a statement on its own.

Mix Metals

We love the look of mixed yellow, rose and white gold, but making it look purposeful instead of chaotic can feel like a hard task. Choose one piece that incorporates all three metals, or stack the same style in all three metal colors on one finger to create initial continuity. Then, you can mix and match different metals throughout your hands–just keep it simple and opt for diamonds vs. colored gemstones if you want to add some sparkle.

Add Color

Alternatively, try adding rings in the same metal that have sapphires, rubies, periodots, or emeralds. We love stacks that rock the same stone in different styles as much as we love incorporating color with one piece, like M. Hisae’s Pink Tourmaline Petite Risa Ring.

More is More

We love a maximalist ring moment–but stay consistent with the metal color and stones if you’re planning to deck out every finger. Try different shapes and styles that all incorporate some mix of gold and diamonds, but play with scale to keep it interesting.

Rainbow Connection

On the flip side, you can go all out with different colors on every finger–the extreme approach to a colorful stack. We like to keep consistent when it comes to style if we’re going this route, like Bleecker and Prince’s stone rings in different shapes and sizes, or CLED’s glass rings in all different colors.

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