Aug 09, 2022

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The Yoga Collection

Wearable mantras and symbols for the fashion-forward yogi

Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or rolling out your mat for the first time, there’s no time like the present to set your intentions for the new year, or to work on your sun salutations. And while we don’t recommend wearing hoop earrings or chunky cocktail rings to your favorite Bikram class, jewelry and the yogic mindset often do go hand in hand. Curated by our resident content-strategist-slash-yoga-teacher Emma, we’ve put together a collection that reminds each of us to manifest our intentions–both on and off the mat. 

Follow Your North Star

“At the beginning of a yoga class, I like to ask my students to set an intention for their practice,” says Emma. “Whether it’s “let go” or “open my heart,” focusing on a guiding principle during your practice can take it from purely physical to mental and spiritual as well. I love the idea of wearing this star pendant as a symbol of whatever your intention might be for your day, your week–or your life.” 

Practicing Gratitude

“Especially during a global pandemic, we all may struggle to see beyond our frustrations or limitations,” Emma notes. “Taking time to internally express gratitude for the good things in our life–whether that’s family, witnessing the first snowfall, or the ability to move our bodies–takes work, but it’s so worth it. The word “grateful” on this tattoo candy band is a perfect reminder to do just that.” 

Saluting the Sun

“I try to incorporate some version of a Sun Salutation into every practice,” Emma tells us. “The concept of greeting the sun and turning towards the sunlight is so simple, yet so powerful: I find myself smiling every time I inhale in Hasta Uttanasana. This Baby Ray pendant is a reminder to breathe in that sunlight every day; I like the idea of stacking it with the Star Pendant, too.” 

No Place Like Om

“Many yoga classes open and close with “om”. I love the idea of spelling out the word in your ear stack with these sparkly letter studs–especially when paired with a moon, star, or other celestial symbols.”

My Mantra

“Designer Eden Presley makes mantras wearable in so many ways. From her beaded mantra necklaces to her Zodiac pendants, her pieces are simultaneously fun and meaningful–which is what I strive for in my yoga classes.” 

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